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The Ultimate Gift for your little one! Save up to 25% with your purchase. 


The DOGSWAG BAG includes items/vouchers from established brands including CoBam Singapore, Chew Time, Doxie-o-holic, Dreamy Paws, Levupets, Paws Fur Life, Cheery Balloons (balloons sold separately)


Items included: 

  • Exclusive CoBam Rosette cake (500g, feeds 1 - 4 dogs) 
  • 1x Mystery Toy of the Month (specially chosen to suit your little one's size) 
  • Your choice of Dehydrated Treats by Paws Fur Life
  • Your choice of Natural Chews by Chew Time
  • 1-for-1 bow ties* by Levupets (E-voucher)
  • Up to 20% off* on bows by Levupets (E-voucher)
  • 15% off grooming* by Dreamy Paws (E-voucher)
  • Add on option: An exclusively designed bandana with holographic text to create the perfect gift by Doxie-o-holic

Woooof! Party tip: Add a custom balloon package crafted by Cheery Balloons for an amazing celebration! 



  • To see the final price, please ensure all fields are filled in.
  • Photos are for illustrative purposes only, individual treat packaging may differ.
  • DOGSWAG BAG T&Cs apply. 


Cake Border Colour
  • For Dehydrated Treats, please choose one set. Each Set contains 2 types of premium dehydrated treats. 

    • Set A: Beef & Kale (40g) & Alaskan Cod Skins (20g) 
    • Set B: Pork & Apple (40g) & Alaskan Cod Skins (20g) 


    For Chews, please chose according to your pet's preferred ability to chew: 

    • Mild Chewers: Thin Bully Stick, Gullet Wrap, Pig Snout, Chewy Bully Stick
    • Normal Chewers: Roo Flap (Large), Sheep Ear, Chewy Bully Stick 
    • Agressive Chewers: Moo Hoof, Moo Tube, Thick Bully Stick
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