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Bloomsbury Collection

Starts from $150.00


Each bespoke cake in the Bloomsbury Collection includes:

  • 1 custom fondant* dog ( modelled after the client's dog)

  • 1 fondant* accessory of your choice (e.g. Tiara or favourite toy) and

  • 1 customized paper topper ​

*Remove all fondant details before feeding 

Optional Add-ons available: 

  • Name on the cake board [Max 8 letters]

    • Human grade fondant (remove before feeding): $5.00 ​

    • Dog safe fondant: +$8.00

  • Name on front facing side of the cake [Max 8 letters)

    • Dog safe fondant: +$8.00​

  • Wordings on cake board [Max ​20 letters, e.g. Happy 1st Bday]

    • Human grade fondant (remove before feeding): +$10.00 ​

    • Dog safe fondant: +$15.00

  • Additional accessories (e.g. Toy, balloon, satin ribbon):

Starts from +$5.00 depending on complexity 

  • Watercolour/ Ombré sides (3 colours of your choice): +$8.00

Base price is applicable only to standard sponge cake flavours with potato frosting. Additional charges apply for meatloaf/ premium/ gluten-free sponge cakes/ cream cheese frosting. For a full list of flavours, visit our Flavours page.

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